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Zandstraat 33-35
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Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

Entry is free, courtesy of the Brussels Region.
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For information and tours:info@marcsleen.be


Who is Marc Sleen?

The Belgian cartoonist Marc Sleen (1922-2016) is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific cartoonist in the world. His cartoon drawings consecutively cover an area of 34 football pitches, or the height of the Eiffel Tower 12 times.

His most important creation is his anti-hero Nero – an average Flemish guy-, who experienced no fewer than 217 adventures together with his colourful group of side characters. Nero was extremely popular, not only with children but also with adults. More than 30,000 readers followed Marc Sleen when he chose to work for another daily newspaper.

The post-war Belgian kings learned Dutch by reading the Nero cartoons. It was hardly surprising therefore when King Albert II himself inaugurated the Marc Sleen Museum and awarded Marc Sleen a knighthood.



The striking
yellow cube

Knalgele kubus

Young comic book authors work on their own projects in the striking yellow cube. They are free to do their own thing, yet here they are fully immersed in the atmosphere and phantasy world of the great Flemish cartoonist Marc Sleen.

Who are the first residents?

expo sleen versus severin

expo sleen versus severin


In 2018, Alec Severin made a retro version of Spirou & Fantasio (Robbedoes en Kwabbernoot) with four short stories in the style of the Grand Masters Jijé and André Franquin. Severin, who left school aged sixteen to become a comic illustrator, had already drawn praise with his comics Lisette and Harry. But 2018 was memorable for another reason too; from 17 November 2018 until the corona crisis in March 2020, Severin worked as a receptionist in the Marc Sleen Museum. And not just a receptionist, but an ‘artist in residence’ who could showcase his work ‘live’ to an audience. Severin took good care of Marc Sleen’s figures by applying his characteristic style to pay tribute to Sleen’s creation Nero. The result is a dazzling blend of drawings, sketches and interpretations, a selection of which can be seen in this exhibition, side-by-side with the work of Grand Master Sleen himself.

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visit the studio
of Marc sleen

Down in the basement you can visit the place where Nero and his friends were created. To mark Nero’s 70th birthday, Sleen’s studio was reconstructed in this very spot for the Marc Sleen Museum.



Upon the creation of the Marc Sleen Museum, the Marc Sleen Association was also founded. It manages the artistic heritage of Marc Sleen and the Marc Sleen Museum. It aims to maintain a focus on the creations of Marc Sleen among the public at large and open up his works for all to see. The Marc Sleen Association publishes texts and research, conserves and restores drawings, organises exhibitions, and manages the museum as a location where Sleen’s work is presented shoulder-to-shoulder with the work of the new generations of comic artists who follow in his footsteps.

Stichting Marc Sleen

The 'le peuple' building

Gebouw le peuple

In 1905, architect Richard Pringiers (1869-1937) designed the building on Zandstraat, Brussels, where the newspaper Le Peuple quickly took up residence. In 1931, the building was renovated by architects Fernand and Maxime Brunfaut. Marc Sleen drew at the Zandstraat offices from 1947 for the newspaper De Nieuwe Gids and several magazines. In 1989, the Belgian Comics Art Museum was opened at that location, on the other side of the street. In June 2009, on the initiative of the Brussels Region, the Marc Sleen Museum opened in the former building of Le Peuple.

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The museum is currently closed due to renovations.
We open back in September. In the meantime, you can follow our incubator on the Internet and visit the exhibition digitally.